Tropical Agriculture Volume 22 No.1 June 2017

Evaluation of Thermal Conductivity Property of Selected Wood Species in the Steculiacea Family

Olufemi, B., Olaniran, O.S., Olonisakin, K.S. Ayodeji, E.T., and Bello, O.R.


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Assessment of Genetic Diversity of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Sudan Savannah

Shaibu, A.S., Muhammad, I.H. and Adnan, A.A.Shaibu, A.S.*, Muhammad, I.H. and Adnan, A.A.


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Assessment of Dietary Diversity and Food Calorie Consumption among Rural Households in Kwara State, Nigeria

Muhammad-Lawal, A., Ibrahim, H.K., Oloyede, W.O.* , Belewu, K.Y. and Adesina, T.A.


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